The Story of Grimaldi Farm Store

M. Grimaldi and Son's Farms traces its roots to a young man in the 1980’s who was in search to follow his passion of farming.  Mario discovered this passion spending long summer days on the family farm in Upstate NY. 

He has inspired Joe and Dom to follow in his footsteps to carry on the Grimaldi name in the agriculture community. 


Times have changed since Mario bought our quaint farm.  Purchasing food and goods directly from local sources that are known for healthy practices has become a mainstream way of life for the health-conscious consumers.


We recognized this change in the marketplace and that is why we raised our certified organic beef from our healthy happy herd.

We are proud to offer our Grass-Fed Certified Organic Beef. 

We invite you to Shop the Farm Store and choose from our wide variety of Grass-fed Certified Organic Beef Products.   

If you have any questions Get in Touch with us we'd be happy to assist in any way we can. 




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